MozDay at Maker Summit, Shaastra 2016 [IIT Madras]

Name of the Event: Maker Summit
Venue: IIT- Madras
Date: 26-01-2016
Hashtag: #MozDayShaastra #MozillaAtIITM
Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
9:00AM to 2:00PM- MozStall
3:00PM to 5:00PM- MozTalk at MakerSummit

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Mozillian Attendees:
Dinesh MV [ myself/ Mozillian]
Karthickeyan [RAL]
Vigneshwar Dinakaran [ Mozilla Rep]
Mohammad Adam [ Mozillian]
Abraar Syed [ Mozillian]
Farhaan Khan [ Mozillian]
Ravi [ Volunteer]

MozDay at Shaastra Tech fest:

Shaastra is the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai, India consists of various engineering, science and technology competitions, summits, lectures, video conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops.

Mozillians were invited for organizing a workshop at the Maker summit along with a stall during the fest. I’d like to thank Rep- Vigneshwar for inviting me as a mozillian Attendee for this event.

After lot of planning and discussions, We finally fixed a plan for the Event. we decided to have MozStall & MakerSummit Talk

A Stall was setup for Mozilla by the Shaastra organizing team. We had our Stall between 9:00PM to 2:00PM.

The things that were Discussed in the MozStall includes:

#Online Privacy
#FOSS & Mozilla
#Firefox OS for Connected Device
#Webmaker for Android downloads
#FSA program & Signup.

Abraar and Farhaan reached a day before and checked the stall. On the day of event,I visited to IIT Madras by 8:00AM,(earlier than other mozillians :P).karthic and Adam reached after a while.


Then afer setting up everything, people started visiting Mozilla Stall, I started receiving them and explained everything about FOSS & Mozilla.


With in less time many people headed to the stall and we distributed swags for few enthusiasts who asked many questions regarding contribution paths, firefox OS.

Thanks to Vigneshwer Dinakaran -Mozilla Rep who helped us with the Swags. We shared the Webmaker App to the Visitors of the stall and asked them to make something creative and tweet. The best makes were given Mozilla Tee.

Maker Summit Talk:

Later in the Afternoon, between 3:00PM to 5:00PM. We had a closed Talk session which had interested participants who were IITians, professionals, Students of various colleges, School Students etc.



Abraar Syed Started the Talk with FOSS Phillosophy, Why FOSS.


Later karthic handled the session session explaining the about FSA program,benefits,activities and various recognitions & oppurtunities etc.

Vigneshwer Dinakaran explained each and every contribution areas in detail and explained more about the importance of FOSS. Farhaan khan ended the session with Demo of Webmaker.

Photo Gallery:


Firefox OS & IoT

Event Name: Firefox OS & IoT
Event Date: 18th Januaury

Sumanth Damarla (Rep)
Sanjay Gouri
Dinesh Mv
Vamsi Mohan
Jayesh KR

Hash Tags:
#MozTirupati ,  #MozConnectedDevices


As we have planned, Sumanth and Sanjay reached Tirupati a day before the event to plan about the community and so we had a brief discussion about Mozilla Tirupati regarding Strengths, achievements, issues etc. We even found solutions to some issues like resources for meet up- good space and internet etc. We even planned to start a Mozilla Action Team. After that, Sumanth explained about Mozilla’s 2016 goals and ways to implement goals effectively and ended the evening’s talk by telling us his experiences of Mozfest 2015.

On the day of the event, we’ve reached the venue on time.We started the event by 9.00AM in the seminar hall in SREE RAMA ENGINEERING COLLEGE – Tirupati, The session was started by Sumanth – he started telling about FOSS, Mozilla, FSA program, Mozilla Projects, OWASP and Contributions to FSA, where each and every student were literally involved in his speech – Sumanth is really a very good Tech speaker where he motivated people to contribute for FOSS – everyone in the crowd was very eager to learn about open source and Mozilla.

Later by 10:30AM we gave them a small tea break.

After that Jayesh started session – II by telling all the students about the Mozilla products, FFOS API’s and revised basics of HTML and CSS and posed questions about Session I and Session II, to just test the participants how far they were able to grasp and even encouraged the students by giving them swags for those who came up with wonderful answers for the questions.

Later on, Sanjay started the session by revising HTML, CSS and thought usage of API’s to develop apps for tv, write manifests and run simulator the participants. Me Vamsi Mohan, Sumanth and myself meanwhile helped the students in code.

2 (2)
we ended up teaching basics of developing apps and had lunch break. After lunch, the hands on session was started and all the participants were asked to form teams and they started developing applications for tv with their creative ideas. we helped them in solving errors and building apps.

By evening, the apps were submitted and it was reviewed by sumanth by certain criterias which is used for reviewing apps. Prizes were given to the winners and we winded up the session.

Finally, we had a group photo with active attendees. My Special Thanks to Sumanth and Sanjay for helping us tto build Mozilla Tirupati to next level.

Hour of Code- Tirupati


Event name : Hour of Code- Tirupati
HourofCode in association with Teach Mozilla is an initiative to the local schools in Tirupati to teach about Coding. Students from different schools will be learning about the basics of computer , open sources and basic web technologies involved in creating webpages and more about functioning of internet. FSA’s from local community will be guided by senior FSA’s and webmaker mentors to organize the event.

What is COMPUTER? and its parts?
What is Software & Hardware?
What is internet? (we used animated videos to explain them the concept)
What is a browser?
What is a URL?
How to use any search engine?
How Internet works?
How websites are made?
HTML introduction | Demo Session.

A big Thanks to Rep Gautam Sharma for his huge support and guidance for organizing this event.

The event started with self introduction of me and my team members. My first question for the students is “What is a computer?”.
I’m really happy for their enthusiastic answers and I started the session with abbrevating the computer. A few students eagerly answered my next questions about the parts of a computer and definitions of software and hardware. For the rest of the people I explained it clearly.

The main session started with the discussion on “What do you know about Internet?“, where i described about the definitions like Browser, web,LAN,WiFi, Network and other terminologies used in Internet like web,HTTP,ISP, URL,.com, search Engines, cookies,bookmark etc.

Later on, I explained about website and technologies used for building websites and to make the session more interesting I showed them a demo session by teaching about HTML. A few students wrote few lines of code (As the resources are very limited, we asked them to write it in books) and tested it on our laptops.

Then the Session ended with a quick recap and the SWAGS were distributed to students.

Firefox Growth Campaign @Tirupati (FoxYeah)

Event  Name:  Firefox Growth Campaign @Tirupati  (FoxYeah)

Venue: Career Launcher Tirupati                                                                           Date:07/07/2015

Hey Mozillians,

FoxYeah Campaign is going on all over the world to spread the all new version of Firefox.As a part of Firefox Growth Campaign in India, Mozilla Tirupati Community also played its role in the campaign. The event was confirmed a few days before and invited all the FSA’s and mozillians in Tirupati.

on the day of event, I started the event with an ice breaker session where attendees introduced themselves and later on i talked about the history of firefox- how it became alive- and few things surprised the attendees like

* Firefox browser is made up of 4million lines of code.
* 40% of code for firefox browser was written by more than 40,000 volunteers.
* 17000, Add-ons were developed by volunteers.

After that, my fellow organizer Vamsi made an interactive session asking some questions about basics of internet and the major concern while using net, and finally led to privacy which Mozilla is offering to its users and continued expalining about the features like Firefox Hello, Pocket,a few addons like light beam, firebug etc and ended the session with a demo on customization of web browser.

Sumanth along with us cut #FoxYeah cake and served snacks for attendees

After refreshments, Uday called up a Brainstorming session which curated attendees to speak out about their innovative ideas that must be implemented to enhance the standards of our mozilla community, later on, he curated them to think about Startup ideas thrown by mozillians a few examples which intrigued attendees.

Our  FSA’s are very happy for organizing such a campaign in our community 🙂

Here is the gallery:

IMG_20150705_105836      IMG_20150705_110719 IMG_20150705_105948      IMG_20150705_120124   IMG_20150705_120351IMG_20150705_102204IMG_20150705_102415

FFOS App days @ GraVITas at VIT,Vellore

Date: september 19th,2015
Hash Tags: #MozVIT #Appdays
Venue: VIT, Vellore
Organizing team: Kumar Rishav, Ashuthosh, Akshay, Kalyan Dikshit,Jayesh KR, and me

Before I start this blog let me thank few Mozillian Representatives who supported me and gave me a chance to Mentor at VIT,Vellore. Thankyou – Vineel Reddy Pindi, Harsha Vardhan and Santosh Vishwanatham.

On the day of event, we all reached the campus few hours before the event and took rest for sometime. We had a pleasant start in VIT @8PM in the auditorium.Thanks for the VIT organizers for working hard and setting up things and arranging all basic necessities.

The session was started by Akshay Tiwari where he started telling about FOSS, Mozilla, FSA program and Contributions to FSA where each and every student were involved in his speech – Akshay is really a very good speaker he grabs all the attention from the audience and everyone liked his speech and then I really created an environment expalining about areas of contribution, where many students gained a lot of interest to create something at the hackathon for mozilla.

Later Kumar Rishav one of the geek Master along with Ashutosh started Intro to FirefoxOS, archi, api, tools, webide, sample demo of FFOS application.The crowd were really involved and were really happy learning because they were learning new things about Mozilla and Application Development.The students of First year also showed great interest in designing and developing applications.

To help them more technically to develop apps; Jayesh started revising and telling them about HTML and CSS. As it was overnight students were a bit drowsy so we gave them short breaks and entertained them by playing music in the middle of the sessions.  we made volunteers to come over and develop a simple webpage using the basics of HTML and encouraged them by giving swags which made them wakeup – listen – Answer 😀 There were many volunteers happy for seeing them coming learning and showcasing themselves to earn cool swags.

Later we started teaching them basics Java Script many of them were not so familiar with it so it was a challenging task so all of them started helping the students out where Kalyan Dikshit, Rishav and Ashutosh were teaching them using the projector by typing the programs and explaining them and myself, Akshay and Dinesh helped the students by clarifying their doubts personally.

It was  4AM when students where asked to build their apps – we started hackathon and gave chance for the students to showcase themselves and by creating and developing apps.Many worked out developing apps with different ideas and finally there were two first year students who came out developing interesting games Rishav and Ashutosh they completed developing the app.It was really awesome seeing those students developing such good apps in a short span(12 hours) of time.

Atlast we ended up with a groupieeeeeee…….. 😀

dsc_0543  dsc_0497 dsc_0510dsc_0473dsc_0488  dsc_0356 dsc_0350 dsc_0329 dsc_0328 dsc_0323 dsc_0310

Securing Web Using ZAP: Day-1


This blog post is all about my experiences at securing web@Zap day-1

I love to explore web to learn some new stuff. Infact, most of the time, I deal with learning geeky computer stuff and went mad with a few terminologies like Hacking, Click jacking, XSS scripting, spamming, phishing, cookie stealing and tried a lot to learn them but didn’t get any perfect resource. Am still trying to learn these techinques to call myself a hacker( 😛 just kiding).

Soon i get into mozilla, I checked many mozillian profiles to get an idea and to make myself contribute for mozilla. Meanwhile, I meet Mozilla Rep, Sumanth Damarla at FSA Boot camp, bangalore. After the event, I was in touch with him on facebook, following his activities and i really astonished seeing his Mozillian profile, [Sumanth Damarla- OWASP, ZAP contributor at MWOS].From that day, i was really very curious to learn some basics about OWASP. Luckily, I got an event invite “Securing web @ZAP” which i dreamed of learning. Unfortunately, i cant attend for full 4weekend workshops but attended the first weekend to learn basics.

As soon as i reached Collab house,Hyderabad, Sumanth already started introduction to the workshop. (I was late for half an hour though 😛 😀 ). Then sumanth started explaining about OWASP and ZAP from scratch. The session went on as follows.

*> Introduction of the Attendees:

I’ve been to a few events at collab house.This time, I felt amazing meeting with many new Tech savvys and ZAP enthusiasts.

*> Brief description about ZAP workshop

Brief Description of Workshop

*> Types of vulnerabilities (OWASP top ten):

Injection flaws, such as SQL, OS, and LDAP injection occur when untrusted data is sent to an interpreter as part of a command or query. The attacker’s hostile data can trick the interpreter into executing unintended commands or accessing data without proper authorization.
A2-Broken Authentication and Session Management
Application functions related to authentication and session management are often not implemented correctly, allowing attackers to compromise passwords, keys, or session tokens, or to exploit other implementation flaws to assume other users’ identities.
A3-Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
XSS flaws occur whenever an application takes untrusted data and sends it to a web browser without proper validation or escaping. XSS allows attackers to execute scripts in the victim’s browser which can hijack user sessions, deface web sites, or redirect the user to malicious sites.

A4-Insecure Direct Object References
A direct object reference occurs when a developer exposes a reference to an internal implementation object, such as a file, directory, or database key. Without an access control check or other protection, attackers can manipulate these references to access unauthorized data.
A5-Security Misconfiguration
Good security requires having a secure configuration defined and deployed for the application, frameworks, application server, web server, database server, and platform. Secure settings should be defined, implemented, and maintained, as defaults are often insecure. Additionally, software should be kept up to date.

A6-Sensitive Data Exposure
Many web applications do not properly protect sensitive data, such as CREDIT CARDS, tax IDs, and authentication credentials. Attackers may steal or modify such weakly protected data to conduct credit card fraud, identity theft, or other crimes. Sensitive data deserves extra protection such as encryption at rest or in transit, as well as special precautions when exchanged with the browser.
A7-Missing Function Level Access Control
Most web applications verify function level access rights before making that functionality visible in the UI. However, applications need to perform the same access control checks on the server when each function is accessed. If requests are not verified, attackers will be able to forge requests in order to access functionality without proper authorization.
A8-Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
A CSRF attack forces a logged-on victim’s browser to send a forged HTTP request, including the victim’s session cookie and any other automatically included authentication information, to a vulnerable web application. This allows the attacker to force the victim’s browser to generate requests the vulnerable application thinks are legitimate requests from the victim.
A9-Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
Components, such as libraries, frameworks, and other software modules, almost always run with full privileges. If a vulnerable component is exploited, such an attack can facilitate serious data loss or server takeover. Applications using components with known vulnerabilities may undermine application defenses and enable a range of possible attacks and impacts.
A10-Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards
Web applications frequently redirect and forward users to other pages and websites, and use untrusted data to determine the destination pages. Without proper validation, attackers can redirect victims to phishing or malware sites, or use forwards to access unauthorized pages.

*> Small Assessment:
worksheets are distributed to each attendee to self assess themselves about basics in security project.

Wroksheet Assessment

After a very good Introductory session, we finally had a group picture with several ZAP enthusiasts along with organisers Sumanth, Sanjay and Sudarshan. It was an amazing experience to meet new people and learn new technology. Excited to learn more about it on DAY-2.


Womoz Pop-up Tirupati

Greetings visitor., 😉

Every time our community mainly focuses on recruiting new students to involve in FSA program. As of now we targeted most of our friends, this time, we invited women into the community as we heard from alot of people that some young girls are very much interested to join in the community but they cant step ahead. So, to make them step ahead into our Mozillian community and to contribute their part to the open source- we called for a Womoz pop-up on June 7th,2015


Infact, due to the summer vacation, Many of the interested girls couldn’t attended the event as they were off to some where 😛 But still, we managed to gather with few active/ interested girls in our community. Its indeed a first chance for us to intrigue our  the attendees towards open source by sharing our knowledge, experience being a Mozillian, which made us to plan well in prior to the gathering with my fellow supportees Sumanth and Jayesh ( Did i say these people are a part of our community since i started my journey 😛 :D)


Attendees of Womoz

On the day of  Womoz Pop-up., we’re really excited to take our community to next level by joining women into our group. We all gathered with a few minutes delay, later on i introduced myself and about community followed by everyone about themselves. Then the meet went on well briefing about various communities and Mozilla anyway i mentioned the take away of the meet at the end 😉 .

We had an interactive session with new girls about our education backdrop, what made us to step into Mozillian community, how FSA’s & Mozillians from all over India are contributing and shared our experiences, later on we had a hangout call with  B Boy (Akshay RAL-REP, India) 😛 who explained the girls about open source, how women will be encouraged in open source communities for a few minutes, then again Jayesh, Sumanth n Me explained about areas of contribution.


A Few words by Akshay Tiwari

( Okay !! I know it went very lengthy- am closing it with the take away 😛 )
Take away of the meet:
* Introduction of the attendees
* Introduction to Open source and Communities.
* Women in open source.
* Mozilla and its products
* Mission of Mozilla
* FSA & its Structure
* Areas of contribution
* Roles and Responsibilities of FSA’s
* Do and Do not’s being an FSA
( In the end For sometime Jayesh n sumanth showed demo on webmaker tools and Lightbeam )


Light beam Add-on Demo

Its indeed great pleasure inviting women into opensource.  Every attendee was well aware of what we do and how we do. Very soon, we’ll  have many women in our community.


Snap at the end