WebVR Camp – V2

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This article is about “WebVR camp V2” which I organized on 10 Jan. As a part of activate mozilla campaign, I organized an event on web VR.

On the day of event, I kicked of the session with my introduction to the attendees and started a ice breaker session. Then I introduced them about mozilla and contribution paths for mozilla. I then started talking about web and VR and interacted with participants about the trends in VR.

Then I started a conf. call with Dyvik which was a Pre-event plan. Dyvik spoke about evolution of Mozilla India and motivated participants to get involved into mozilla community. He briefly explained about the significance of womoz and encouraged women to join the community.

Then I introduced them with Aframe and I explained the significance of Aframe in building Web VR. I explained about primitives, E-C system and showed some demos.

After Lunch break, A hands on session happened on the concepts of Aframe where participants built a few VR scenes. I helped them with improving the scenes by showing demos on ARegistry and in the end I explained about building 3D scenes with Magical Voxa and showed demos on Apainter.

we had a small Q & A session where attendees shared some interesting ideas and asked about the possibilities of new implementations using Aframe. I resolved their doubts and then the session was closed with swag distribution.

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WebVR Camp – V1

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This article is about “WebVR camp V1” which I organized on 23 Dec. As a part of activate mozilla campaign, I organized an event on web VR.

On the day of event, I kicked of the session with my introduction to the attendees and started a ice breaker session. Then I introduced them about mozilla and contribution paths for mozilla. I then started talking about web and VR and interacted with participants about the trends in VR.

Then I introduced them with Aframe and I explained the significance of Aframe in building Web VR with few demos. After a small break, I called for a hands on session on concepts of Aframe like primitives, E-C system and participants built a few VR scenes. I helped them with improving the scenes by showing demos on ARegistry and in the end I explained about building 3D scenes with Magical Voxa and showed demos on Apainter.

Then we had a small Q & A session to clarify the queries of the attendees. Then we shifted to sem hall for closing session, where students were given swags and exclusive swags.

Reps page: WebVR – V1

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Learn and Hack on RUST

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This article is about “Learn and Hack on Rust” which I organized lately in Dec’2016.

As a part of activate mozilla campaign, I took this initiative to organize an event on Rust.

What is Activate Mozilla Campaign?
The Activate Mozilla campaign aims at the grassroots of volunteer contributions. We want to bring more clarity on what are the most important areas to contribute to at Mozilla right now by providing guidance to mobilizers on how to recruit contributors and create community around meaningful Mozilla projects.
Please feel free to join and spread about this great campaign.

If you want to get started with/need any help with event resources and planning, Follow the Hack on Rust event page. I followed the same plan as above for my event.

On the day of event, I started introducing myself and a little about the campaign. Then I started interacting with attendees discussing about programming languages. Then, I introduced them with RUST and explained about the history and significance by comparing with other programming lang. like c++ and java.

Then we had hands on session after installing the rust language on local machines. The students initially faced some issues while installing on windows OS but then i helped them in resolving those issues.

The key points which everybody learnt are about cargo, types, loops, ownership, borrowing, functions, function pointers etc.,

We ended the session with QA and asked every attendee to join and follow rust user group and channels.

PS: I thank praveen, kishore, Akshay who co-ordinated with me in this event.

Event page: Reps page

Event gallery:click here
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Mozilla Connected Devices Workshop

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This post is about my first big reps event on Mozilla Connected Devices – IoT Workshop
Event name: Mozilla Connected Devices Workshop
Hashtags:  #MozConnectedDevices

This is my first workshop as a rep and I was really exited to share my experiences about the event. We got an invitation from the college of SREC to organize a workshop on mozilla connected devices workshop.

Me and 3 other volunteers from different places planned for this event. My idea was to introduce the world of IoT and train the attendees during the workshop. Our team really planned and worked hard to make the attendees learn by experiencing in this workshop.

on the day of event, we reached the venue with lots of exitement and the HOD invited us to start the session. I gave a quick introduction to IoT to the attendees and then we showed them how IoT has became a revolutionary technology. Later on Narendra, take over the session and started explaining about evolution of embedded systems, pin diagrams of a IC, Sensor etc.

Later on we described about the architecture and schematic design of IoT boards. attendees were given some boards to examine the schematics and parts of the board. After that, exlained about Arduino IDE and interfacing arduino board with PC. After that, basic programming concepts are discussed in quick short time.

After the lunch, Narendra and I started a small info-entertaining game to summarize the morning’s session. We then started displaying demo’s to the attendees. We have briefly explained as many demos as we can in a stipulated timeline. Then we had a wrap-up session for the whole days session.

For Day-2, As we planned to interact with attendees for smooth flow of the event, we requested some attendees to present their projects/ideas and we got some interesting concepts from them. After that, we started teaching/playing with ESP8266, Interfacing with arduino, Hacking on WiFi with ESP and did multiple hacks with ESP controller. Then we presented a project- Smart Jar to the attendees for sometime and also presented a demo on Bluetooth transceiver which can be controlled by an android application.

After the lunch, We divided some times for brainstorming sessions to think about an issue which will be solved by building an simple kit and attendees actively participated in it. After sometime, Few batches presented their ideas. Then we had a Q&A Session about the everything happened and wrapped up the event.

Miracle Firefox Club Inauguration

Name of the Event: MFC Inaguration
Venue: Miracle Educational Society, Viziangaram- A.P, India
Date: 29-01-2016(Sat) & 30-01-2016(Sun)
Club Lead: Uday Allu
Hashtag: #MozMFC
Guest Invitees:
Dinesh MV (Myself)  |  Karthickeyan  |  Jayesh K.R

We three departed from Tirupati by train and reached Vizianagaram District. It was around 13hours travel by train. we were received by Uday-Club lead of MFC and were taken to nearby Hotel. We got freshen up and left to the College at 8:00AM.

We reached the Miracle Engg College by 9:00AM. It is located in Miracle City, bhogapuram. We were welcomed with a lovely Rangoli of Firefox logo at the entrance of the college.

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We had breakfast and reached the Club house to meet the Club officers and had a small talk with them. Later had a discussion on educating students on FOSS with the HOD of CSE Department.

Around 11 AM, we went to the Auditorium and we were recieved by the Director and the Vice principal.

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The Principal, VP and the HOD addressed the audience.Then Jayesh KR, spoke about the need for having these tech clubs and motivated the students. Later Karthic spoke about FLOSS and basics of FOSS.


Then we lightened the lamp ( indian tradition to start something in an auspicious way ).


We then left to the Club House which was dedicated exclusively for all Mozilla Activities. karthic Opened the club house and we had a group photo together with club officers and the College management.

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After lunch break, The 3rd and 4th year students of CSE Department gathered in the seminar hall for the workshop. I started the session talking about FOSS, Mozilla, its mission.


Then karthic took over the session to give more clear idea on certain topics like Open Web, Web Literacy, Mozilla Contribution areas, Online privacy, net neutrality issues.


jayesh then started introduction of Firefox OS & making a demo application.


At 3:45, We had to wind up the session as the college hours ended.

29th Jan, 2016:

On the second day of the workshop, Jayesh explained about QA and showed demo of one and done tasks.Then about IRC- showed them demo how to connect to IRC channels and talk with other mozillians for help.


Karthic explained about the FSA program, FSA Structure, benefits, FSA Recognition levels and Activities.

I took over the session by explaining about the Support Mozilla and different ways to kick start contributions with SUMO. we had a hands-on workshop on Localization at the computer lab and localized 5 SuMo KB articles altogether.

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Around 1:00PM we wound up the session and asked the participants to give their feedback . After the feedback session, we asked everyone to assemble on the ground for photo session.

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It was amazing to see even HOD of CSE Department was much excited and joined us for the photo shoot.

we then met the Director of the college at his office, he gave us the mementos and thanked us for conducting the workshop.


later around 3:00PM to 4:00PM. we had discussion with all the Club officers at the club house and guided them about maintaining clubs by defining roles, activites and various areas to focus to buiild a strong club.

We wished the students good luck for their great work and left to our places.

MozDay at Maker Summit, Shaastra 2016 [IIT Madras]

Name of the Event: Maker Summit
Venue: IIT- Madras
Date: 26-01-2016
Hashtag: #MozDayShaastra #MozillaAtIITM
Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
9:00AM to 2:00PM- MozStall
3:00PM to 5:00PM- MozTalk at MakerSummit

Check out the flickr link for more photos: Click here

Mozillian Attendees:
Dinesh MV [ myself/ Mozillian]
Karthickeyan [RAL]
Vigneshwar Dinakaran [ Mozilla Rep]
Mohammad Adam [ Mozillian]
Abraar Syed [ Mozillian]
Farhaan Khan [ Mozillian]
Ravi [ Volunteer]

MozDay at Shaastra Tech fest:

Shaastra is the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai, India consists of various engineering, science and technology competitions, summits, lectures, video conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops.

Mozillians were invited for organizing a workshop at the Maker summit along with a stall during the fest. I’d like to thank Rep- Vigneshwar for inviting me as a mozillian Attendee for this event.

After lot of planning and discussions, We finally fixed a plan for the Event. we decided to have MozStall & MakerSummit Talk

A Stall was setup for Mozilla by the Shaastra organizing team. We had our Stall between 9:00PM to 2:00PM.

The things that were Discussed in the MozStall includes:

#Online Privacy
#FOSS & Mozilla
#Firefox OS for Connected Device
#Webmaker for Android downloads
#FSA program & Signup.

Abraar and Farhaan reached a day before and checked the stall. On the day of event,I visited to IIT Madras by 8:00AM,(earlier than other mozillians :P).karthic and Adam reached after a while.


Then afer setting up everything, people started visiting Mozilla Stall, I started receiving them and explained everything about FOSS & Mozilla.


With in less time many people headed to the stall and we distributed swags for few enthusiasts who asked many questions regarding contribution paths, firefox OS.

Thanks to Vigneshwer Dinakaran -Mozilla Rep who helped us with the Swags. We shared the Webmaker App to the Visitors of the stall and asked them to make something creative and tweet. The best makes were given Mozilla Tee.

Maker Summit Talk:

Later in the Afternoon, between 3:00PM to 5:00PM. We had a closed Talk session which had interested participants who were IITians, professionals, Students of various colleges, School Students etc.



Abraar Syed Started the Talk with FOSS Phillosophy, Why FOSS.


Later karthic handled the session session explaining the about FSA program,benefits,activities and various recognitions & oppurtunities etc.

Vigneshwer Dinakaran explained each and every contribution areas in detail and explained more about the importance of FOSS. Farhaan khan ended the session with Demo of Webmaker.

Photo Gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsktJd9rJ

Firefox OS & IoT

Event Name: Firefox OS & IoT
Event Date: 18th Januaury

Sumanth Damarla (Rep)
Sanjay Gouri
Dinesh Mv
Vamsi Mohan
Jayesh KR

Hash Tags:
#MozTirupati ,  #MozConnectedDevices


As we have planned, Sumanth and Sanjay reached Tirupati a day before the event to plan about the community and so we had a brief discussion about Mozilla Tirupati regarding Strengths, achievements, issues etc. We even found solutions to some issues like resources for meet up- good space and internet etc. We even planned to start a Mozilla Action Team. After that, Sumanth explained about Mozilla’s 2016 goals and ways to implement goals effectively and ended the evening’s talk by telling us his experiences of Mozfest 2015.

On the day of the event, we’ve reached the venue on time.We started the event by 9.00AM in the seminar hall in SREE RAMA ENGINEERING COLLEGE – Tirupati, The session was started by Sumanth – he started telling about FOSS, Mozilla, FSA program, Mozilla Projects, OWASP and Contributions to FSA, where each and every student were literally involved in his speech – Sumanth is really a very good Tech speaker where he motivated people to contribute for FOSS – everyone in the crowd was very eager to learn about open source and Mozilla.

Later by 10:30AM we gave them a small tea break.

After that Jayesh started session – II by telling all the students about the Mozilla products, FFOS API’s and revised basics of HTML and CSS and posed questions about Session I and Session II, to just test the participants how far they were able to grasp and even encouraged the students by giving them swags for those who came up with wonderful answers for the questions.

Later on, Sanjay started the session by revising HTML, CSS and thought usage of API’s to develop apps for tv, write manifests and run simulator the participants. Me Vamsi Mohan, Sumanth and myself meanwhile helped the students in code.

2 (2)
we ended up teaching basics of developing apps and had lunch break. After lunch, the hands on session was started and all the participants were asked to form teams and they started developing applications for tv with their creative ideas. we helped them in solving errors and building apps.

By evening, the apps were submitted and it was reviewed by sumanth by certain criterias which is used for reviewing apps. Prizes were given to the winners and we winded up the session.

Finally, we had a group photo with active attendees. My Special Thanks to Sumanth and Sanjay for helping us tto build Mozilla Tirupati to next level.