Telugu L10N Meetup – 2017


  • The great thing about reading is that it broadens your life; – Tyrion Lannister  😉
Mozilla Telugu L10N Community Meetup 2017 was planned to build a strong base to Telugu l10n community. We invited localizers who are young and the old, skilled & beginners, and people with great optimism and enthusiasm. Our planning for this event had some good impact and metrics as well. We have also collaborated with diverse localization communities like Swecha & Telugu wikipedia. A short note about them:
  • Swecha built the first Telugu operating system built on Linux named Swecha (which means Freedom). Since then it has been contributing to various FOSS projects. Their efforts in accelerating Localization is quite visible in the contributors they have in the Telugu Locale.
  •  Telugu Wikipedia is a very vibrant group and growing consistently. They have more than 67000+ Telugu Wiki pages, hundreds of Wiki books and many more. Their spirit and commitment is commendable. 
Localization is one of the easiest and fastest ways to be involved with the Mozilla project. Localization is more than translation, as most people mistook them as one and the same. 
  •  Translation is the process of changing an original (source) language version of any content such as text, multimedia, e-books, or apps into a different (target) language by simply substituting words from one language to another—in context.
  •  Localization is a more specialized process of adapting any content and applications for regional—or local—consumption. It goes beyond translation to modify the source language and other site elements to appeal to the customer’s cultural preferences in their own target language.
Here is what happened on the two days-
The event started with Sunil Mohan‘s talk about Open source and he shared his experiences about how native people are using internet in their own language. Then he explained about ‘Freedom Box‘ which improves the usability of internet in native villages. “I was surprised to knew about how localized content helps the people in accessing the web” said by Sunil. 
The second talk was given by Veevena language activist with 10+ years experience in contributing to various open sources like mozilla, wordpress, wikipedia, drupal etc. His talk on ‘Challenges & Mistakes in localization‘ inspired the attendees and taught the significance of localization rather than transliterating. He gave real time issues with localization by showing some commercials and website too.
Kashyap from telugu wikipedia- showed a demo on wikipedia’s platform & how to write articles in wikipedia. 
Then I launched Firefox Focus in telugu on behalf of Mozilla Telugu team and shared about the important features of the product. 
After lunch, Pavan santosh from wikipedia talked on ‘Wiki markup and Wiki-projects‘. It was more about the evolution of sister projects of wiki (wikipedia, wikimedia, meta wiki, wiki books etc). He also showed a demo on translating a RUST wiki page into Telugu. 
Then everybody started discussing about the challenges faced by l10n communities and its impact. We had good time listening to great experiences of Veeven and Kashyap.
A great day ended with a great group photo.
On day-2, I kick-started the session with a little introduction to mozilla, its products and localization of the mozilla products.
  • To encourage the new contributors and to share the ownership to active contributors, I made Sahithi from Swecha as a Translator for her valuable contributions in short time.

Then I directly introduced the Pontoon- platform and made the contributors to use it like a pro. I then quickly shared a demo on testing of localized products and reporting bugs. We had a mini l10n sprint with attendees.

Then, We started working on glossary and style-guide for Telugu locale. We had a brain-storming session on standardizing strings which can be translated to multiple ways to a single standard. After this session, we started documenting the style guide  and also by gathering all the great things happened for the two days.  
Few Metrics from Pre-event to till date:
  • 2500+ string translations
  • 100% increase in contributor engagement
  • 1200+ strings reviewed
  • Standard Glossary with 50+ words were created
  • Improved style guide
  • 1- new Translator on boarded
  • Ownership of projects is transitioned to 2 people
  • Launched Firefox Focus in Telugu

Photo Gallery: Photos on wikimedia (more photos to be added on blog)

Huge Shoutouts to Swecha and Telugu Wikipedia!!

PS: This is the most awaited localization meetup for localizers of telugu which motivated all the attendees to improve the content on web which ultimately helps thousands of native speakers of Telugu in accessing the internet.