WebVR Camp – V2

Hi there,

This article is about “WebVR camp V2” which I organized on 10 Jan. As a part of activate mozilla campaign, I organized an event on web VR.

On the day of event, I kicked of the session with my introduction to the attendees and started a ice breaker session. Then I introduced them about mozilla and contribution paths for mozilla. I then started talking about web and VR and interacted with participants about the trends in VR.

Then I started a conf. call with Dyvik which was a Pre-event plan. Dyvik spoke about evolution of Mozilla India and motivated participants to get involved into mozilla community. He briefly explained about the significance of womoz and encouraged women to join the community.

Then I introduced them with Aframe and I explained the significance of Aframe in building Web VR. I explained about primitives, E-C system and showed some demos.

After Lunch break, A hands on session happened on the concepts of Aframe where participants built a few VR scenes. I helped them with improving the scenes by showing demos on ARegistry and in the end I explained about building 3D scenes with Magical Voxa and showed demos on Apainter.

we had a small Q & A session where attendees shared some interesting ideas and asked about the possibilities of new implementations using Aframe. I resolved their doubts and then the session was closed with swag distribution.

Click here for Reps page

Click here for Photo Gallery


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