WebVR Camp – V1

Hi there,

This article is about “WebVR camp V1” which I organized on 23 Dec. As a part of activate mozilla campaign, I organized an event on web VR.

On the day of event, I kicked of the session with my introduction to the attendees and started a ice breaker session. Then I introduced them about mozilla and contribution paths for mozilla. I then started talking about web and VR and interacted with participants about the trends in VR.

Then I introduced them with Aframe and I explained the significance of Aframe in building Web VR with few demos. After a small break, I called for a hands on session on concepts of Aframe like primitives, E-C system and participants built a few VR scenes. I helped them with improving the scenes by showing demos on ARegistry and in the end I explained about building 3D scenes with Magical Voxa and showed demos on Apainter.

Then we had a small Q & A session to clarify the queries of the attendees. Then we shifted to sem hall for closing session, where students were given swags and exclusive swags.

Reps page: WebVR – V1

Click here for Photo Gallery


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