Learn and Hack on RUST

Hi there,

This article is about “Learn and Hack on Rust” which I organized lately in Dec’2016.

As a part of activate mozilla campaign, I took this initiative to organize an event on Rust.

What is Activate Mozilla Campaign?
The Activate Mozilla campaign aims at the grassroots of volunteer contributions. We want to bring more clarity on what are the most important areas to contribute to at Mozilla right now by providing guidance to mobilizers on how to recruit contributors and create community around meaningful Mozilla projects.
Please feel free to join and spread about this great campaign.

If you want to get started with/need any help with event resources and planning, Follow the Hack on Rust event page. I followed the same plan as above for my event.

On the day of event, I started introducing myself and a little about the campaign. Then I started interacting with attendees discussing about programming languages. Then, I introduced them with RUST and explained about the history and significance by comparing with other programming lang. like c++ and java.

Then we had hands on session after installing the rust language on local machines. The students initially faced some issues while installing on windows OS but then i helped them in resolving those issues.

The key points which everybody learnt are about cargo, types, loops, ownership, borrowing, functions, function pointers etc.,

We ended the session with QA and asked every attendee to join and follow rust user group and channels.

PS: I thank praveen, kishore, Akshay who co-ordinated with me in this event.

Event page: Reps page

Event gallery:click here
(Because of poor connectivity, I cannot able to attach here now :|)

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