Mozilla Connected Devices Workshop

Hello viewers,
This post is about my first big reps event on Mozilla Connected Devices – IoT Workshop
Event name: Mozilla Connected Devices Workshop
Hashtags:  #MozConnectedDevices

This is my first workshop as a rep and I was really exited to share my experiences about the event. We got an invitation from the college of SREC to organize a workshop on mozilla connected devices workshop.

Me and 3 other volunteers from different places planned for this event. My idea was to introduce the world of IoT and train the attendees during the workshop. Our team really planned and worked hard to make the attendees learn by experiencing in this workshop.

on the day of event, we reached the venue with lots of exitement and the HOD invited us to start the session. I gave a quick introduction to IoT to the attendees and then we showed them how IoT has became a revolutionary technology. Later on Narendra, take over the session and started explaining about evolution of embedded systems, pin diagrams of a IC, Sensor etc.

Later on we described about the architecture and schematic design of IoT boards. attendees were given some boards to examine the schematics and parts of the board. After that, exlained about Arduino IDE and interfacing arduino board with PC. After that, basic programming concepts are discussed in quick short time.

After the lunch, Narendra and I started a small info-entertaining game to summarize the morning’s session. We then started displaying demo’s to the attendees. We have briefly explained as many demos as we can in a stipulated timeline. Then we had a wrap-up session for the whole days session.

For Day-2, As we planned to interact with attendees for smooth flow of the event, we requested some attendees to present their projects/ideas and we got some interesting concepts from them. After that, we started teaching/playing with ESP8266, Interfacing with arduino, Hacking on WiFi with ESP and did multiple hacks with ESP controller. Then we presented a project- Smart Jar to the attendees for sometime and also presented a demo on Bluetooth transceiver which can be controlled by an android application.

After the lunch, We divided some times for brainstorming sessions to think about an issue which will be solved by building an simple kit and attendees actively participated in it. After sometime, Few batches presented their ideas. Then we had a Q&A Session about the everything happened and wrapped up the event.


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