Miracle Firefox Club Inauguration

Name of the Event: MFC Inaguration
Venue: Miracle Educational Society, Viziangaram- A.P, India
Date: 29-01-2016(Sat) & 30-01-2016(Sun)
Club Lead: Uday Allu
Hashtag: #MozMFC
Guest Invitees:
Dinesh MV (Myself)  |  Karthickeyan  |  Jayesh K.R

We three departed from Tirupati by train and reached Vizianagaram District. It was around 13hours travel by train. we were received by Uday-Club lead of MFC and were taken to nearby Hotel. We got freshen up and left to the College at 8:00AM.

We reached the Miracle Engg College by 9:00AM. It is located in Miracle City, bhogapuram. We were welcomed with a lovely Rangoli of Firefox logo at the entrance of the college.

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We had breakfast and reached the Club house to meet the Club officers and had a small talk with them. Later had a discussion on educating students on FOSS with the HOD of CSE Department.

Around 11 AM, we went to the Auditorium and we were recieved by the Director and the Vice principal.

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The Principal, VP and the HOD addressed the audience.Then Jayesh KR, spoke about the need for having these tech clubs and motivated the students. Later Karthic spoke about FLOSS and basics of FOSS.


Then we lightened the lamp ( indian tradition to start something in an auspicious way ).


We then left to the Club House which was dedicated exclusively for all Mozilla Activities. karthic Opened the club house and we had a group photo together with club officers and the College management.

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After lunch break, The 3rd and 4th year students of CSE Department gathered in the seminar hall for the workshop. I started the session talking about FOSS, Mozilla, its mission.


Then karthic took over the session to give more clear idea on certain topics like Open Web, Web Literacy, Mozilla Contribution areas, Online privacy, net neutrality issues.


jayesh then started introduction of Firefox OS & making a demo application.


At 3:45, We had to wind up the session as the college hours ended.

29th Jan, 2016:

On the second day of the workshop, Jayesh explained about QA and showed demo of one and done tasks.Then about IRC- showed them demo how to connect to IRC channels and talk with other mozillians for help.


Karthic explained about the FSA program, FSA Structure, benefits, FSA Recognition levels and Activities.

I took over the session by explaining about the Support Mozilla and different ways to kick start contributions with SUMO. we had a hands-on workshop on Localization at the computer lab and localized 5 SuMo KB articles altogether.

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Around 1:00PM we wound up the session and asked the participants to give their feedback . After the feedback session, we asked everyone to assemble on the ground for photo session.

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It was amazing to see even HOD of CSE Department was much excited and joined us for the photo shoot.

we then met the Director of the college at his office, he gave us the mementos and thanked us for conducting the workshop.


later around 3:00PM to 4:00PM. we had discussion with all the Club officers at the club house and guided them about maintaining clubs by defining roles, activites and various areas to focus to buiild a strong club.

We wished the students good luck for their great work and left to our places.


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