MozDay at Maker Summit, Shaastra 2016 [IIT Madras]

Name of the Event: Maker Summit
Venue: IIT- Madras
Date: 26-01-2016
Hashtag: #MozDayShaastra #MozillaAtIITM
Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
9:00AM to 2:00PM- MozStall
3:00PM to 5:00PM- MozTalk at MakerSummit

Check out the flickr link for more photos: Click here

Mozillian Attendees:
Dinesh MV [ myself/ Mozillian]
Karthickeyan [RAL]
Vigneshwar Dinakaran [ Mozilla Rep]
Mohammad Adam [ Mozillian]
Abraar Syed [ Mozillian]
Farhaan Khan [ Mozillian]
Ravi [ Volunteer]

MozDay at Shaastra Tech fest:

Shaastra is the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai, India consists of various engineering, science and technology competitions, summits, lectures, video conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops.

Mozillians were invited for organizing a workshop at the Maker summit along with a stall during the fest. I’d like to thank Rep- Vigneshwar for inviting me as a mozillian Attendee for this event.

After lot of planning and discussions, We finally fixed a plan for the Event. we decided to have MozStall & MakerSummit Talk

A Stall was setup for Mozilla by the Shaastra organizing team. We had our Stall between 9:00PM to 2:00PM.

The things that were Discussed in the MozStall includes:

#Online Privacy
#FOSS & Mozilla
#Firefox OS for Connected Device
#Webmaker for Android downloads
#FSA program & Signup.

Abraar and Farhaan reached a day before and checked the stall. On the day of event,I visited to IIT Madras by 8:00AM,(earlier than other mozillians :P).karthic and Adam reached after a while.


Then afer setting up everything, people started visiting Mozilla Stall, I started receiving them and explained everything about FOSS & Mozilla.


With in less time many people headed to the stall and we distributed swags for few enthusiasts who asked many questions regarding contribution paths, firefox OS.

Thanks to Vigneshwer Dinakaran -Mozilla Rep who helped us with the Swags. We shared the Webmaker App to the Visitors of the stall and asked them to make something creative and tweet. The best makes were given Mozilla Tee.

Maker Summit Talk:

Later in the Afternoon, between 3:00PM to 5:00PM. We had a closed Talk session which had interested participants who were IITians, professionals, Students of various colleges, School Students etc.



Abraar Syed Started the Talk with FOSS Phillosophy, Why FOSS.


Later karthic handled the session session explaining the about FSA program,benefits,activities and various recognitions & oppurtunities etc.

Vigneshwer Dinakaran explained each and every contribution areas in detail and explained more about the importance of FOSS. Farhaan khan ended the session with Demo of Webmaker.

Photo Gallery:


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