Firefox OS & IoT

Event Name: Firefox OS & IoT
Event Date: 18th Januaury

Sumanth Damarla (Rep)
Sanjay Gouri
Dinesh Mv
Vamsi Mohan
Jayesh KR

Hash Tags:
#MozTirupati ,  #MozConnectedDevices


As we have planned, Sumanth and Sanjay reached Tirupati a day before the event to plan about the community and so we had a brief discussion about Mozilla Tirupati regarding Strengths, achievements, issues etc. We even found solutions to some issues like resources for meet up- good space and internet etc. We even planned to start a Mozilla Action Team. After that, Sumanth explained about Mozilla’s 2016 goals and ways to implement goals effectively and ended the evening’s talk by telling us his experiences of Mozfest 2015.

On the day of the event, we’ve reached the venue on time.We started the event by 9.00AM in the seminar hall in SREE RAMA ENGINEERING COLLEGE – Tirupati, The session was started by Sumanth – he started telling about FOSS, Mozilla, FSA program, Mozilla Projects, OWASP and Contributions to FSA, where each and every student were literally involved in his speech – Sumanth is really a very good Tech speaker where he motivated people to contribute for FOSS – everyone in the crowd was very eager to learn about open source and Mozilla.

Later by 10:30AM we gave them a small tea break.

After that Jayesh started session – II by telling all the students about the Mozilla products, FFOS API’s and revised basics of HTML and CSS and posed questions about Session I and Session II, to just test the participants how far they were able to grasp and even encouraged the students by giving them swags for those who came up with wonderful answers for the questions.

Later on, Sanjay started the session by revising HTML, CSS and thought usage of API’s to develop apps for tv, write manifests and run simulator the participants. Me Vamsi Mohan, Sumanth and myself meanwhile helped the students in code.

2 (2)
we ended up teaching basics of developing apps and had lunch break. After lunch, the hands on session was started and all the participants were asked to form teams and they started developing applications for tv with their creative ideas. we helped them in solving errors and building apps.

By evening, the apps were submitted and it was reviewed by sumanth by certain criterias which is used for reviewing apps. Prizes were given to the winners and we winded up the session.

Finally, we had a group photo with active attendees. My Special Thanks to Sumanth and Sanjay for helping us tto build Mozilla Tirupati to next level.


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