Hour of Code- Tirupati


Event name : Hour of Code- Tirupati
HourofCode in association with Teach Mozilla is an initiative to the local schools in Tirupati to teach about Coding. Students from different schools will be learning about the basics of computer , open sources and basic web technologies involved in creating webpages and more about functioning of internet. FSA’s from local community will be guided by senior FSA’s and webmaker mentors to organize the event.

What is COMPUTER? and its parts?
What is Software & Hardware?
What is internet? (we used animated videos to explain them the concept)
What is a browser?
What is a URL?
How to use any search engine?
How Internet works?
How websites are made?
HTML introduction | Demo Session.

A big Thanks to Rep Gautam Sharma for his huge support and guidance for organizing this event.

The event started with self introduction of me and my team members. My first question for the students is “What is a computer?”.
I’m really happy for their enthusiastic answers and I started the session with abbrevating the computer. A few students eagerly answered my next questions about the parts of a computer and definitions of software and hardware. For the rest of the people I explained it clearly.

The main session started with the discussion on “What do you know about Internet?“, where i described about the definitions like Browser, web,LAN,WiFi, Network and other terminologies used in Internet like web,HTTP,ISP, URL,.com, search Engines, cookies,bookmark etc.

Later on, I explained about website and technologies used for building websites and to make the session more interesting I showed them a demo session by teaching about HTML. A few students wrote few lines of code (As the resources are very limited, we asked them to write it in books) and tested it on our laptops.

Then the Session ended with a quick recap and the SWAGS were distributed to students.


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