Firefox Growth Campaign @Tirupati (FoxYeah)

Event  Name:  Firefox Growth Campaign @Tirupati  (FoxYeah)

Venue: Career Launcher Tirupati                                                                           Date:07/07/2015

Hey Mozillians,

FoxYeah Campaign is going on all over the world to spread the all new version of Firefox.As a part of Firefox Growth Campaign in India, Mozilla Tirupati Community also played its role in the campaign. The event was confirmed a few days before and invited all the FSA’s and mozillians in Tirupati.

on the day of event, I started the event with an ice breaker session where attendees introduced themselves and later on i talked about the history of firefox- how it became alive- and few things surprised the attendees like

* Firefox browser is made up of 4million lines of code.
* 40% of code for firefox browser was written by more than 40,000 volunteers.
* 17000, Add-ons were developed by volunteers.

After that, my fellow organizer Vamsi made an interactive session asking some questions about basics of internet and the major concern while using net, and finally led to privacy which Mozilla is offering to its users and continued expalining about the features like Firefox Hello, Pocket,a few addons like light beam, firebug etc and ended the session with a demo on customization of web browser.

Sumanth along with us cut #FoxYeah cake and served snacks for attendees

After refreshments, Uday called up a Brainstorming session which curated attendees to speak out about their innovative ideas that must be implemented to enhance the standards of our mozilla community, later on, he curated them to think about Startup ideas thrown by mozillians a few examples which intrigued attendees.

Our  FSA’s are very happy for organizing such a campaign in our community 🙂

Here is the gallery:

IMG_20150705_105836      IMG_20150705_110719 IMG_20150705_105948      IMG_20150705_120124   IMG_20150705_120351IMG_20150705_102204IMG_20150705_102415


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