FFOS App days @ GraVITas at VIT,Vellore

Date: september 19th,2015
Hash Tags: #MozVIT #Appdays
Venue: VIT, Vellore
Organizing team: Kumar Rishav, Ashuthosh, Akshay, Kalyan Dikshit,Jayesh KR, and me

Before I start this blog let me thank few Mozillian Representatives who supported me and gave me a chance to Mentor at VIT,Vellore. Thankyou – Vineel Reddy Pindi, Harsha Vardhan and Santosh Vishwanatham.

On the day of event, we all reached the campus few hours before the event and took rest for sometime. We had a pleasant start in VIT @8PM in the auditorium.Thanks for the VIT organizers for working hard and setting up things and arranging all basic necessities.

The session was started by Akshay Tiwari where he started telling about FOSS, Mozilla, FSA program and Contributions to FSA where each and every student were involved in his speech – Akshay is really a very good speaker he grabs all the attention from the audience and everyone liked his speech and then I really created an environment expalining about areas of contribution, where many students gained a lot of interest to create something at the hackathon for mozilla.

Later Kumar Rishav one of the geek Master along with Ashutosh started Intro to FirefoxOS, archi, api, tools, webide, sample demo of FFOS application.The crowd were really involved and were really happy learning because they were learning new things about Mozilla and Application Development.The students of First year also showed great interest in designing and developing applications.

To help them more technically to develop apps; Jayesh started revising and telling them about HTML and CSS. As it was overnight students were a bit drowsy so we gave them short breaks and entertained them by playing music in the middle of the sessions.  we made volunteers to come over and develop a simple webpage using the basics of HTML and encouraged them by giving swags which made them wakeup – listen – Answer 😀 There were many volunteers happy for seeing them coming learning and showcasing themselves to earn cool swags.

Later we started teaching them basics Java Script many of them were not so familiar with it so it was a challenging task so all of them started helping the students out where Kalyan Dikshit, Rishav and Ashutosh were teaching them using the projector by typing the programs and explaining them and myself, Akshay and Dinesh helped the students by clarifying their doubts personally.

It was  4AM when students where asked to build their apps – we started hackathon and gave chance for the students to showcase themselves and by creating and developing apps.Many worked out developing apps with different ideas and finally there were two first year students who came out developing interesting games Rishav and Ashutosh they completed developing the app.It was really awesome seeing those students developing such good apps in a short span(12 hours) of time.

Atlast we ended up with a groupieeeeeee…….. 😀

dsc_0543  dsc_0497 dsc_0510dsc_0473dsc_0488  dsc_0356 dsc_0350 dsc_0329 dsc_0328 dsc_0323 dsc_0310


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