How I became a Firefox Student Ambassador

Hello Visitor 😀 .,
Here I’ve described about my interest to computer sciences and how i get into Mozilla.

I’ve been using internet from the last six years. Obviously, Firefox is my default browser. My love to web desigining started in my 9th standard, when my computer teacher taught me basic HTML. During practise session she asked me to write a few lines of code using basic tags also instructed to use **marquee** tag, i did and run on IE. waaah!! The text i gave scrolled in the web browser. I was excited and right from that instant, i was in love with web designing and learnt alot about HTML and CSS using w3schools and written blogs using code.

After 3years, In my hectic 3rd year of my UG in damn Electronics, my love to computer sciences made me to learn basics of different languages and app developing, so i used Microsoft Virtual Academy and learnt a lot. Most importantantly, I was in top10 weekly rankers in India 😀 Infact, i cheated in securing points though. I checked the all time top10 list and sent requests to many top MVA learners. Fortunately, Keval Pandya ( An awesome game developer and VBexpert since his 6th standard i guess) updated his profile as a Firefox student ambassador and webmaker- As soon as i saw about **FSA** I googled and got registered to it. Surprisingly with in less time i got a mail from Team FSA that i became a Firefox Student Ambassador and i was on cloud9. 😀


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