First Six months of me as a Mozillian

Hey Mozillians.,

Here I Share the story of my journey as an FSA (sorry its very lengthy).

After i became an FSA, I followed a few links that are mentioned in the mail.I was in a befuddled state after reading out all the wiki-pages and added a couple of RAL’s on facebook. Bala Subramaniyan– RAL from warangal, described about FSA and its structure. But still I was not sure how to get involved into it. Then after joining in the official group and Mozilla India group by reading blogs written by the active FSA’s and REPS, I came to know about Webmaker. It was then again a HTML kinda coding zone. I was awestruck to design webpages in webmaker, Initially every make i did is meant for getting badges. I applied as soon as i get eligible for the badge through my makes. Later on I was not happy with webmaker, and again pinged RAL to describe about the procedure to become a Rep. It was then he suggested me to start a club at my college, do events regularly, contribute in different areas, help other fsa’s regionally to get experience which made me feel nervous initially.

Am sure that i was the first FSA in Tiruapti, yet no one know about it, Under the guidance of Bala, I decided to start a club at my college ( Still dint get support from filthy management though) and i asked my friends in different streams Bhanu Prasad ( Econ.E), Uday Kiran ( IT), Sameer ( CSE) and my ever best supporter- Sumanth ( EIE- My classmate) to gather for sometime. (BTW these fellows are very much talented and waiting for a chance to get out of the box) It was a pleasant day after completing our 5th semister, we met , I was a bit nervous in explaining about the program and areas of contribution for the first time, still figured out to my best and asked them to suggest any ways to start a new club and it went well. Finally, I was very happy to have a team of 5 now.

Later on someday, RAL- BALA called for Air Mozilla meet with us and had a deep discussion on FFOS versions,areas of contribution and about club finally after telling about our management, he suggested us to start a community instead of contributing from the club.After this, we 5people discussed about all if’s and if’nots and determined to start a new community THE ** Mozilla Community Tirupati**. We called a few of our friends who are like minded and started a community. It was an amateur start though, as the days went on, We are very much aware of every in and out of FSA porgram.

First FSA Meet- Tirupati

                                                          First FSA Meet of Mozilla Tirupati Community

Strategies we made for the growth of community:

1. FSA recruitment on every weekend

2. Educating newbies about FOSS and Mozilla Program whenever possible
3. Hosting Events on alternate weekends.
4. Club inaguration at different small colleges ( who’ll be impressed with the brand Mozilla’s Technical club)
5. Recognition from biggest communities.

Spreading our community on social network domains- Official groups, we got recognition and support from different communities and active mozillians. After a week, RAL informed me about the visit of Akshay to Tirupati. It was a couple of days before my visit to the first ever FSA Boot Camp @Mozillla Collab House, Bangalore.We are very much excited to meet Akshay TiwariActive community builder, SuMo contributor and a bboy 😀 who described about community building and showed demos on webmaker and FFOS, of ourse he brought us first SWAG from hyderbad community too 😀


Meet with Mozillian Akshay

To my excitation i asked about the boot camp and surprisingly Akshay RSVP too. 😀

It was my first Collaboration with FSAs, Club leads, RALS, Reps and FSA executive board. I was very excited to attend the boot camp representing my community, Sumanth and Jayesh also joined me. We had an intro session with the attendees of the boot camp and Galaxy connected us to TJ on Air Mozilla, After a small discussion about FSA’ strategies to be followed this year, we had an awesome ice breaking session followed by the over view description of areas of Contribution and a couple of hours break for lunch. Later, Viswa and Biraj handled the session in briefing about the app of the month contest, wiki mozilla and new recognition system for FSA’s followed by a query section and finaly the group photo.


FSA Boot Camp @Collab House, Bangalore

[PS: It was an amazing experience to collaborate with reps n core mozillians and i was intrigued, felt in love with this program. I forgot to mention it was a valentines day 😀 :P]

Our most awaited first community event, “”TPTzillians Makers Party“” and back to back Kidzilla, Firefox Stall (1,2) set up at different Colleges with the moto to invite and recruit newbies to the program,and FSA gatherings to know their contribution reports. For more info about our Community: click here 😛 I was recognized for my contribution to #Teachtheweb and promoted as a Webmaker SuperMentor.

Indeed the occasional visit of Vineel anna to Tirupati and me attending the Moz Deccan event at Hyderabad made us to believe in the strong support from other communities.


                                                                               Meet with Vineel anna.

My Individual Contribution Areas and Recognition:

  • Webmaker- Recognised as  Webmaker SuperMentor
  • Firefox Market Place- APP Developer
  • SuMo- Localisation
  • Vouches for my mozilla Profile 😛

PS: Very soon, Tirupati community will become very large and active Mozillian Community 🙂


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